This week our Year 6 pupils attended the Primary Schools Festival at the Youth Village in Allensford. The theme of the festival was ‘RAZED’. As we are living in an ever changing world and growing up in a generation that faces many challenges, now more than ever, we are called to depend on our faith, to help us to be raised up to become the person we are created to be. As Christians who are planted in love and built in love, we are called to rise up and raze down walls that separates us from the love of God.

We are called to conquer our fears and breakdown our insecurities by letting Jesus become our source of strength. Being rooted in faith, may we stand firm in knowing that we will grow deeper in love for God and others, wherever we are ingrained.

The festival had everyone on their feet singing and dancing! The children took part in lots of different group activities, in which they mixed with lots of other Year 6 pupils from other schools in the diocese. The festival ended with a liturgy, where representatives from all the schools took part, reading or processing with candles. It was a great day in which the children had the opportunity to reflect on their time at primary school and the festival itself.

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