On Monday 12th June Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to visit Newcastle University. It is all part of our aspirations topic for Year 6, where we give the pupils the chance to understand their true potential. The day was led by our Graduate Ambassadors, Maisie and Emma. The talked to the children about what is a university and explained some of the interesting courses you can do, for example there is a course on surfing! The children then had to design their own student. Then we went out and about on campus on the ‘Percy Challenge’ where we were set different questions to answer. It gave the children a chance to explore most of the different buildings in the University. After lunch there was another challenge…to think of a society and advertise it to other students. The children could pick which society they wanted to advertise and think of a way to encourage other students to join. It was a full, fun packed day which allowed the children to really see inside the workings of a university and to understand how many opportunities are available to them after school.

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