The centre for life trip – An excellent day was had by all! All of the pupils in Year 2 were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the science museum. The day started in the Curiosity ZONE! All pupils were able to explore the zone and investigate air streams, light and dark, friction, electricity, music, gears and body heat sensors using ice!
The main exhibition was amazing: DINO JAWS! The children had the opportunity to dig for real life interactive fossils and discover scientific facts about all species from the dinosaur world! PS did you know some dinosaurs liked to eat the equivalent of 1,500 sausages or red meat a day!
The afternoon was also a hit with all of the pupils and parent helpers. The children in teams entered a lab to take part in a BEE BOT 🐝 Coding Computing session. The pupils were asked to program, debug and change routes to ensure that all bees and robots could access flowers, hives and avoid other insects! The pupils all demonstrated excellent patience, perseverance and team work.

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