Class 4 had a fabulous day walking through fields, past castles, along beaches, through jungles, over sandy mountains, and across a golf course. During the day, we had team leaders who were responsible for the team’s safety and leading their group with the map and their new map reading skills.

Along the way, we stopped to investigate coastal erosion and have a look, first-hand, how it happens. After that, our team leaders went down to the tide line and laid out a rock pool quadrant for us to investigate. We found various sea creatures hiding in the pools and under rocks; we left them all there though.

For lunch, we enjoyed a relax on the white-sand beach of Embleton, listening to the waves crashing on the shore. We enjoyed a little bit of free time before Mrs Coleman showed us 2 art tasks. The first, building sand-sculptures of the coastal features we could see: stacks; stumps; spits; dunes; caves; arches; and cliffs. Antonina also showed us a model she had made of erosion washing away a spit of land.

To get back to the bus, we had a wild adventure. We hiked the fern jungles of Embleton Bay, taller than our heads. We crossed raging river rapids. We scaled giant sandy mountains. And we crossed the fair greens of a Golf Course. All in all, an amazing coastal adventure.


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