Northern Gas Networks came to visit our school with an exciting opportunity for us to take part in. The told us about the history of the Gasworks that has been on our doorstep for a long time. The Gasworks is about to be demolished making way for new and exciting projects. They wanted to make us aware of issues surrounding the demolition to ensure our safety during the works. To mark this historic event they have teamed up with an artist to work alongside school on an art project. They have asked us to complete a series of sketches  dedicated to the gasworks and it’s history. Each class was given a different topic to focus their artwork on:

Year 1 – Garden Festival

Year 2 – The Staiths

Year 3 – Gateshead Landmarks

Year 4 – Gas Workers

Year 5 – Great War Memorial

Year 6 – Gas Holder Industry

Each class has completed their artwork, which will be used as inspiration for the artist to complete a mural on the wall in the yard. We can’t wait to see the results!


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