On Tuesday 24th June, Madam Mayor Dillion visited year 5 and School council. The mayor was introduced by Mace bearer Nigel, who spoke to the children about the Mayor and the significance of the Mace. He told the children that the mace must be carried over the right shoulder for special events and that the mace is made from both silver and gold. The mace has mant significant symbols: The top, in the shape of the cross and orb, is the symbol of the Church of England; the head is shaped as a crown to represent the monarchy and bears the royal coat of arms as well as those of Gateshead Borough and County Durham; the shaft is engraved with three sea dragons to illustrate Gateshead’s links with the sea. Other engravings depict industry, commerce, education and science.

The children then had a question and answer session with Madam Mayor Dillion. The children asked very interesting questions, asking all about her life as mayor, what she enjoys most about being mayor, why she wanted to be mayor and her most favourite event she has ever been to.

The children really enjoyed meeting such a significant figure within their local community and have been truly inspired by the hard work Madam Mayor Dillion does for their community.

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