To celebrate World Ocean Day we held a special Eco Assembly. With everyone dressed in different shades of blue, it was like looking across an azure sea in our hall today! Every child brought at least one plastic item into school for recycling and it was fantastic to see such a huge response to the call to help prevent plastic pollution !

Well done everyone!

Where all your plastics will go

This week each class has been discussing and exploring issues concerning the marine environment – Reception made some fantastic posters highlighting the problem of litter and plastic pollution and they drew their favourite sea creatures.

Year 1 also designed some posters to raise awareness of problem plastic while Year 2 are learning about marine craft and flotation!They even designed and tested their own watercraft.

In year 3, the children have been learning map skills and improving their geographical knowledge by identifying and naming the worlds seas and oceans.

Meanwhile in year 4, the focus has been on the Water Cycle and how pollutants on land eventually end up in the ocean.

Solutions to the problem of plastic pollution and the commercial and industrial impact on the environment were explored in depth by year 5 and they have produced brilliant, well illustrated reports.

Several members of staff have been inspired to change their lunchtime ways by –

  • avoiding single use plastic drinks bottles and using refillable drinks containers instead
  •  bringing in more home-cooked dishes in reusable containers
  • recycling their plastics responsibly
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