For year 2’s enterprise week they decided to think outside the box! In order to raise money they thought it would be a good idea to offer the school a lesson off and be able to play out! In order to do this they would take Mrs Douglass hostage if they raised more that £100! All week they were collecting money and on Friday in assembly they found out that they had raised enough to take Mrs Douglass hostage. Everyone was very pleased and excited. Year 2 guards walked Mrs Douglass from the hall straight to her office and taped up the door and her windows! Year 2 kept guard while everyone went outside to play lots of different games and activities organised by year 2. Mrs Douglass, however did try a few times to escape and even poured water on everyone outside the window! Everyone stayed strong and didn’t sercome to her attempts to talk people round to helping her escape. Everyone had a great time playing out for the rest of the afternoon! Thank you to everyone who gave their donations. year 2 raised £126.93!  A great total and a great afternoon ( but not for Mrs Douglass!!!)



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