Oscar Romero

Year of Oscar Romero

To commemorate the centenary year of the birth of Blessed Oscar Romero, the martyred Archbishop of El Salvador, the Diocese are asking us to think about his life and sayings. Each month there will be a prayer focus for the children to think and reflect on.

These will include:

January – Introduction to the life of Oscar Romero

February – Light

March – Poverty

April – Romero Cross

May – The Church

June – Pray and Share

July – Aspire not to have more

September – Peace

October – Justice

November – Remembrance

December – Joy

To find out more about the Blessed Oscar Romero click on the link below.


November – Remembrance

In this month of November we remember those who have died. The children were asked to write the name of someone they wanted to remember on a ribbon and tie it to a net. These Remembrance Ribbons were a reminder to us all that we always have special memories of all the...

October Justice

In October the children were asked to pray for justice in the world and think about those people who are treat unfairly. They were praying for a world where people have enough to eat, a safe place to live in peace. The children wrote their thoughts and prayers on a...

September – Peace

In June we were asked to pray for peace and justice. We asked the children to write their peace prayers and thoughts on a peace dove and place it on the...

June -Pray and Share

In June we were asked to pray for children around the world. We based our Prayer Space on Mission Together and their ‘Day of many Colours.’ The children were invited to take a prayer card and share that prayer with...

May – The Church

During May we were asked to pray for The Church. We are coming into the feast of Pentecost, which celebrates the birth of the church. The Holy Spirit brings fire and energy to people and places. The children were asked how they would bring that fire and energy. On a...

April – Sick and Suffering

This April for the Year of Oscar Romero, we were asked to prayer for the sick and the suffering. The children wrote the name of someone who they wanted to prayer for, rolled it up and placed it in a cross. We took inspiration from the Romero cross which are very...

March – Poverty

In March we were asked to prayer for people who live in poverty. The children were asked to pray for people who are living in extreme poverty and remember those who are struggling to earn a living and don’t have enough money to meet their basic needs such as food,...

February – Light

In February we were asked to prayer for light in the world. The children were asked to reflect on how Oscar Romero was a guiding light to others and how they could bring light to others. The children wrote how they could let their light shine on flames prayer...

January – Oscar Romero

In January we are asked to think and reflect upon the life of Blessed Oscar Romero. The children gathered for a liturgy all about Oscar Romero’s life and learnt about how he stood up for what he believed in and questioned authority when he felt it was being...

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