Our Parish

Our Parish Church is St Philip Neri. We are very lucky to have our church on the school grounds. We regularly use our church to aid us in our religious learning and also regularly attend Masses, from class to whole school and for school celebrations.

Fr Leighton has just joined our Parish. Fr Leighton is also responsible for the parishes of St Mary’s, Whickham and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Lobley Hill. Fr Leighton resides at Immaculate Heart Presbytery and can be contacted at

Tel. (0191) 460 4274 or stmarysphilip.aol.co.uk

Our three parishes are a working in partnership as we share ideas, resources and liturgies. All parish events are open to all parishioners and Primary Schools.

If you wish to find out about Mass times or any of the parishes information and news, please go to the website: http://www.theparish.org.uk/

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