Positive Behaviour - It's Good to be Green

It’s Good to be Green 

School applies the principles of the ‘It’s Good to be Green’ behaviour strategy in all year groups from Reception to Year 6.  This is a very visual approach and has an immediate impact with pupils.

Display in the classroom

  • A good to be green card holder is displayed in every class.
  • All pupils start each week with a green card in their name holder.
  • We expect all pupils to behave well in school throughout the day.  Their card remains green to show good behaviour.


Sanctions – Yellow and Red Cards.

  • All sanctions are progressive and last for one day only.
  • In most cases an initial request to change behaviour.
  • If request is ignored a ‘Yellow Warning Card’ may be issued, dependent upon severity of behaviour.
  • Continued bad behaviour will result in a ‘Red Consequence Card’ being issued.
  • In extreme instances a ‘Red Consequence Card’ will be given immediately.



  • The issue of a ‘Red Consequence Card’ results in referral to Deputy Headteacher with a Behaviour Referral Sheet.
  • Parents may be notified verbally by class teacher.
  • The issue of two ‘Red Consequence Cards’ in one week results in referral to Headteacher and communication home with the parents.


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