Class 4

Mr Wright
Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Welcome, we are class 4 and enjoying being back to school with Mr Wright. We are beginning our year learning about the Norman Britain and the Battle of Hastings; 1066! We are enjoying our Religious Education where we are reflecting about our community and how we can help it to grow using Jesus’ lessons. We love to welcome visitors to our class, so come along!



Holocaust Memorial Day Year 5

This week Year 5 visited St Augustine's Primary School who were hosting a Holocaust Memorial Event. The morning was full of different workshops for the children to participate in. The pupils were invited to an exhibition all about Anne Frank and were led around the...

Why vote?

Class 4 have been discussing why it is important to use your vote. They have scripted Vlog's to persuade you to vote in the EU Referendum. Take a look ... have they convinced you?

Year 5 Poetry Recital

Last week St Philip's hosted the annual Year 5 Poetry recital.  Four other schools from our local area competed against each other to win the coveted trophy. The schools were: St Joseph's Blaydon, St Agnes, Corpus Christi and Sacred Heart. All of the finalists were...

Space Seeds in Class 4!

Finally, the space seeds that we have been waiting for have arrived! One hundred of our seeds visited the International Space Station (ISS) with Tim Peake in 2015, whilst one hundred stayed on Earth. We have been set a mission to find out if zero gravity affects the...

Museum Madness!

Class 4 had a fantastic visit to The Great North Museum. Whilst at the museum, they completed a scavenger hunt where they had to find hidden artefacts, although finding them was a bit of a struggle!  After discovering all of their hiding places, they paid a visit to...

Mary’s Journey Liturgy

This week, in honour of the Month of the Holy Rosary, Class 4 led a liturgy all about Mary's journey's. The explored the different times in Mary's life; happy times and sadder times. They reminded us that God is with you during both of these times in our life journey....

It’s all about Parliament!

Last week Class 4 and 5 had a visitor to tell them all about Parliament. She posed the question 'What does a Prime Minister do?' She explained all about the three parts of parliament and tested the children on their knowledge of it. They discussed lots of issues...

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