Class 5

Miss King
Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

Welcome! We are year 5 and are enjoying being taught by Miss King.

In year 5, we are excited to be learning about many new subjects, especially the Tudors! We also love writing and are really focusing upon our writing skills this year as many of us want to become authors when we grow up.

We are a friendly class and welcome anyone into our class – so come along!



Science Day!

Class 5 enjoyed their first Science Day, particularly the visit from 'Bugs n Stuff,' which allowed them to meet some of the weird and wonderful creatures of the rainforest. These included: stick insects, a tarantula, a rare Silk Moth, a Hissing Cockroach, and many...

Super Skipping!!

Class 5 took part in a skipping skills workshop, where they learnt basic skipping moves and some new techniques. Skipping has taken off in the school yard! We can see it is already become our new craze! Next year one class from key stage 2 will take part in a skipping...

Macbeth Masks

During DT sessions as part of their topic 'Macbeth', Class 5 have produced dramatic and striking 3-D masks of the three witches. In constructing the masks the children have employed a range of techniques and media. Firstly they covered balloons in paper mache to form...

Magical Macbeth!

Class 5 are learning all about Shakespeare and studying his most bloody play, dare they say the name, ‘Macbeth.’ This week they have been acting out scenes, this included murder, and lots of dramatic dying, the staff wondered what all the screaming was about! If all...

Dissolving Discoveries!

Class 5 have started their new science topic - More About Dissolving! Mrs Williams set them some tricky challenges to separate mixtures of materials. [nggallery id=48]

Class 5 Tapestry

Class 5 have completed their tapestry of Faith. Each pupil designed a section with their interpretation of faith. It looks amazing and will displayed proudly in school. We can't wait to see the other tapestries which are in progress. [nggallery id=43]

Year 6 GO WILD!!!!!!

It's a sad farewell to our year 6 pupils as they embark on their next journey into secondary school. After working so hard all year Year 6 fully deserved their fantastic treat. They raised the money themselves in Business Week, and raised enough to go to Beamish Wild!...

Class 5’s Busy Bees Project

The month of June was Class 5's turn to complete their Busy Bee's project, for the celebration of the Year of Faith. They decided to hold a movie night. They promoted it throughout the school and sold lots of tickets! They also sold cinema snacks at the event...

Year 6 Story Bench

On Wednesday Year 6 got the opportunity to go to Dunston Park to see the unveiling of the story bench they helped to design. Year 6 have been working with  metal work artist  Craig Knowles, to write short stories which he took elements of to incorporate into the...

Science Experiments!

  Year 5 and 6 have been scientists this week. They carried out a fair test to see what makes sugar dissolve faster. HINT to Mum's and Dad's, stir your sugar into your tea, it makes sugar dissolve faster! [nggallery...

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