Sports Premium

PE Mission Statement

At St Philip Neri we aim to promote excellence in PE and sport through encouraging healthy and active lifestyles, providing high quality PE, engaging in competitive activities and developing skills and determination for each child to achieve their full potential in a broad range of PE activities.

At St Philip Neri Primary School we believe that physical education is essential to the development of the pupil as a whole. Physical education contributes to the emotional, mental, intellectual and social development of the pupils. High quality physical activity and sport make a positive contribution to pupil’s experiences of school life and help to raise aspirations.

The aim of physical education at St Philip Neri is to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum which is stimulating, progressive and challenging. A wide and varied physical education curriculum comprising of progressive learning objectives with appropriate and challenging targets will help to develop a full range of skills amongst pupils. We aim to ensure that within their own ability all children can achieve and experience success and reach their full potential. Physical education at St Philip Neri will develop pupils’ leadership, teamwork, problem solving, confidence, creativity and communication.

At St Philip Neri it is recognised, and highly regarded, that physical education plays a vital role in promoting positive attitudes towards healthy active lifestyles.


What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing funding to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will see money going directly to primary school head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for their children.

Each school will receive £8000 plus £5 per pupil each year for the next two years. Here at St Philip Neri that will mean around £8600 a year.

At St Philip Neri we have been allocated a total amount of £8557 from the Sports Premium for the academic year 2016-17

More information about the Sports Premium is available in the documents opposite.

PE and sport is important and valued at St Philip Neri and the funding will enable the school to enhance current provision and develop future progression. A summary of how the money is being spent is outlined below. For more detailed information please refer to the PE Action Plan.

  • Join the Gateshead School Sports Partnership at premium level.
  • Investment in the professional development of staff.
  • Improve resources available to teach PE.
  • Increase participation in competitive school sport events.
  • Provide access to a wider range of sports activities.
  • Improve outdoor and adventurous activities units of work.


Purpose of the funding

The School Sport Premium money is ring fenced and can only be spent on Physical Education and sport provision in school. Schools will be expected to spend the funding on improving and enhancing their provision of physical education and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how to do this.

Possible uses for the funding include:
– hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside primary teachers when teaching PE
– new or additional change4life clubs
– paying for professional development opportunities in PE/Sport
– providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE/Sport
– running sport competitions, or increasing participation in school games
– buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE/Sport
– providing places for pupils on after school sport clubs and holiday clubs.

Ofsted have provided schools with the following advice:
Effective Use of PE and Sport Funding




Downloads and Further Information


Gateshead School Sport Partnership

St Philip Neri Primary school works closely with the Gateshead School Sport Partnership, many of the school priorities on this year’s PE Action Plan are being developed through the current SLA agreement and we fully endorse the following:

“The Gateshead School Sport Partnership co-ordinate activities and facilitate collaboration amongst other schools, their clusters and key partners.”

We have adopted the Gateshead School Sport Partnership mission:

“To build an active and healthy future for all young people through the provision of high quality PE, school sport and physical activity. We will focus our attentions on clear outcomes for our children and young people. We aim to realise the benefits of involvement in high quality PE and school sport for the young people of Gateshead in life as well as sport. This involvement will lead to many positive outcomes.”

Gateshead School Sport Partnership website

Sports Premium 2016-2017



PE lessons, in years 2-6, are delivered by a specialist coach, children receiving a higher level of coaching in a specialist area. This has also enabled children to access a wider variety of sports/activities e.g. street dance, fencing at a specialised level.

School Sports Partnership
Through joining the school sports partnership we have accessed CPD for the PE coordinator to develop and improve the leadership of the subject area. Teachers have also accessed dance CPD and gymnastics CPD is planned for the summer term. Through joining the SSP we have also accessed cluster events and competitions and Gateshead events and competitions. The impact of participating in these events has helped raise the profile of PE and sport among the children, providing children with the opportunity to enter into competitions and it has also motivated the children to improve their sports skills with the aim to participate in such events. We have also accessed specialist support from the SSP to assist in the development of the action plan with regards to working towards a School Sports Mark. The SSP has a central equipment store which we have accessed to borrow specific sports resources to help in the delivery of PE lessons.

New gymnastics equipment has been purchased, the impact of this will be evaluated through the monitoring of planning, lesson observations and assessment. New playground equipment has been purchased to provide children with more varied equipment to use at playtimes and lunchtimes. This has led to more children engaging in physical activities at playtimes and lunchtimes, promoting healthier lifestyles.

MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)
A large amount of the sports funding for 2015-16 was spent on the MUGA. The MUGA is a multi use games area which has been built on the school yard providing a new surface with markings, basketball goals and football goals. This has had an impact on playtimes, clubs and PE. The children have a rota system in place, due to popularity, to use the MUGA during playtimes and lunchtimes for football and basketball. This is having a positive impact on their lifestyles as they are choosing to participate in physical activity during playtimes and lunchtimes. The MUGA has also been used for a afterschool hockey club, providing a purposeful playing space with markings allowing the children to gain a greater understanding of the rules. The impact of this is more children participating in sports outside of PE time. The MUGA is also used during PE lessons, again providing a purposeful playing space with markings, helping to develop children’ s understanding of the rules.

Educational Visits
Sport funding contributions are made to the Year six trip to Robinwood and the year five trip to Borrowdale. This was used, alongside pupil premium money, to subsidise the cost of the trip to engage more children in outdoor adventurous activities. The children developed many life skills while away on these trips including determination, independence, team work, communication, motivation and problem solving. These trips enabled the children to access activities which we cannot provide on the school site, for example, rock climbing and canoeing, crate challenge, orienteering etc.

Sports Events and Transport
In order to participate in the sports events and competitions offered by the SSP, money from the Sports Grant was used to cover transport costs and supply costs in order to release staff to take children to such events and competitions. Without this the children would not have had as many opportunities to participate in as many events over the past two years. We have targeted many of the least active pupils for participation in events. This has increased their self – confidence and ‘ can-do’ attitude to sport.

In-House Competitions
The four school houses have participated in inter-house hockey and basketball competitions for which trophies were purchased as prizes. This has inspired and engaged children who are often reluctant to participate in competition to ‘ have a go ’ . We have purchased PE kits in various sizes to ensure that all children can participate in PE lessons even if they do not possess a PE kit or have forgotten to bring their kit into school.

Whole School Sports Day
At the end of the summer term we hire the sports hall at the local Sports Centre. Every child within their ‘ H ouse ’ is involved in a variety of sporting activities. Parents are invited to spectate and support. The Sport ’ s Day celebrates all children ’ s sporting achievements, pupils experience participating in a team and supporting each other.


We are delighted that our efforts to involve children in sport and make sport accessible to all has been recognised regional. We have won two awards from the Gateshead Local Authority School Sports Partnership.

Innovative Practice within School Sport and Physical Education Award
We won first place and runner for ‘ Innovative Practice within School Sport and Physical Education ’ . This was in recognition for our school ’ s amount of pupil participation in sport and also the innovative ways in which we have involved children in physical activity.

‘Blazing the Trail ’ Gold Kitemark Award
We won the ‘ Blazing the Trail ’ Gold Kitemark Award for the, ‘ O utstanding hard work and commitment to sustaining a legacy from London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games ’ . The process was rigorous and involved the school achieving all 7 ‘ value marks ’ which demonstrated children involved in sport which demonstrated the values of: Excellence, Respect, Friendship, Equality, Determination, Courage,

The School Games Mark
Rewards schools for their performance during the 2015/16 academic year. To achieve GOLD LEVEL, we met all of the prerequisites as well as the following: Provided all students with two hours of physical education per week (within the curriculum only ) and have extra curriculum provision in addition to this. Engaged at least 50% of students in extracurricular sporting activity every week. Offered talented young sports people support to help them to develop their sporting potential. Used the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition.

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