Year of Mercy




Seeing the great need for mercy and healing in the world, Pope Francis has called for the Year of Mercy. This is special period, also known as a Holy Year or Jubilee Year, for the Catholic Church. It is a time for the Church across the world to take a year to focus on forgiveness and healing in a special way.

The Year of Mercy is an invitation to show love, kindness, and unbounded generosity. Pope Francis is offering us all the opportunity to encounter the incredible mercy of God.
Encountering mercy means encountering God. It can transform our life, our relationships, our work, and our ability to embrace and experience all of life.

Pope Francis has asked us all as individuals and as a Church “to be a witness of mercy” by reflecting on and practising the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Beginning on 8 December 8 2015, the Holy Year of Mercy will focus on studying and reflecting on mercy, receiving mercy, and being merciful towards others.

To launch our Year of Mercy we held a Liturgy led by the children telling everyone about mercy. We listened to the story of The Good Samaritan.  At the end of the Good Samaritan story, Jesus said, ‘Go and do the same’. In our school during the Year of Mercy we are going to tell everyone about mercy. We are going to be ambassadors of mercy.

Each month is dedicated to thinking about all the people in our world who are our neighbours. A prayer space in school is available for the children to visit and record their thoughts, prayers and reflections. Our prayer space in school will change according to these themes.

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The Bereaved This month the children had the opportunity to remember people from their lives who are no longer with us. The Empty Chair was placed in the prayer space as it represented the gap they leave in our lives.The children could write the name of the person on...


This month we were asked to think of those people in the world who are hungry. October the 7th is Harvest fast Day so we asked our pupils to bring in food  items for us to donate to a charity.


During the month of September our children were asked to prayer for their community. The children wrote their prayers and reflections on maps of our local area.


In July, in the Year of Mercy, we are asked to pray for our families.The children have been thinking about their own families and reflecting on what they mean to them.  They have written on a heart their pray intentions.


In June we are asked to prayer for refugees. This intention has a special place in our hearts here at St Philip's, as we recently made our CD in support of this cause. The children were asked to think about  why these people are suffering and write a message or a...


In May we are asked to pray for the poor in our world. The children have been thinking about how we can help to clothe the poor. They have written their thoughts and reflections on a t-shirt and pegged them to the strings on a prayer focus station.

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